Our Story

Peppertree Property Management is owned and operated by the husband and wife team, Kim and Mike Roberts who are life-long residents of the Bay Area. Living and working in the Tri-Valley for the past two decades has given them an in-depth knowledge of their local and surrounding communities.

Kim and Mike have an extensive background in real estate, both from the landlord and the tenant side. Kim has extensive experience in portfolio management. Mike, a licensed electrician and skilled maintenance technician, grew up with his parents managing multiple units. Having worked side-by-side with his father as a young apprentice, he quickly learned how much was involved and the critical task of owning and managing properties by providing knowledge and skills to deliver quality repair and maintenance (R&M) to the rental properties.

No strangers to owning and managing property, Kim and Mike understand the nature of maintenance and upkeep. Together, they work to ensure their own home looks beautiful and runs efficiently. They know that R&M doesn’t end at 5pm: It’s 24/7. They live and work true to their mission statement of treating every property they manage like their own.