Curb appeal is the overall appearance of a house or other property from the sidewalk or street. Having curb appeal combined with other industry metrics helps property managers evaluate a property when setting rent to a prospective tenant. Curb appeal can be accomplished by different methods, including installing exterior decorations, painting, and attention to the landscaping. But curb appeal comes at a price—both from a cost perspective to the landlord and routine maintenance responsibilities of the tenant. Mowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing, hedging, just to name a few, are costly and time-consuming.

But who doesn’t love a clean yard with lovely pruned shrubs, mature trees and a nice fence? Pride of ownership is the very foundation of living in a home that boasts a beautifully landscaped yard. Whether front yard, back yard, or both, it’s rewarding to enjoy a tidy well-manicured place we call home. Lawn and garden maintenance on any level can be time-consuming for anyone, especially if you are a homeowner who rents their property to tenants who don’t or won’t do the maintenance. There is routine upkeep that can be difficult with everyone’s busy schedules. What one person considers good care can sometimes be up for debate.

Climate can also play an important role in factoring in landscaping for homes in climates that face extreme weather conditions. Frost, excessive rain, and drought are reasons to consider landscaping that thrives in all those conditions mentioned above. Many of us are not that lucky to live in areas where weather conditions are perfect.

Peppertree Property Management understands the need to help their tenant avoid costly and time-consuming maintenance. Beautiful yards are easily attainable by choosing low-maintenance yard designs, using various materials such as rock, gravel, bark, and extreme weather-resistant plants. Looking for inspriation? Landscape Ideas Their team of experts can create lovely curb appeal with these few simple techniques.  Call them today and ask for some advise if you think you’re yard is too much for you to handle. Or maybe you’re just looking for better curb appeal.